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FERRANDI Paris has set up an online language exchange with ESHOB, the Barcelona School of Hospitality (Spain). Since last March, our first year BTS MHR students have had the chance to benefit from intensive Spanish language training.

On the same wavelength

"Before each connection, we organize, Nathalie and I, a contact in order to optimize the conversations between the students as much as possible", explains Magali DELEU, Spanish teacher at FERRANDI Paris, on the Saint-Gratien campus. An exchange of a few minutes which allows our trainer, like Nathalie SMADJA, French teacher at ESHOB, to agree on the theme of the conversation for the evening session, on which our students and those of our partner school in the Pyrenees will converse via a screen: "It's the best way to learn a language and particularly the professional vocabulary of the hotel and catering industry", testifies Louca, "we intervene one after the other, all in Spanish and they try to speak French”. 

An immersive approach, supported by our school management and carefully prepared upstream by our trainers, was carried out in close collaboration with our ESHOB interlocutors. Of course, in addition to exchanging our practices, we can also encourage each student by having real-time exchanges with native Spanish or French speakers”, comments Magali DELEU, a connection has been created.

The hotel and catering industry as a link between FERRANDI Paris and ESHOB

The bond between the two countries, which share the worlds of hospitality and gastronomy, is underscored by the approach taken by ESHOB's director of education, Marja Caluncho, during the open house organized in his school last April. Photos, videos and testimonials collected for each session are made available to visitors and potential recruits. The same enthusiasm on the part of Ferrandi, whose very professional side of the company did not fail the students: “During our conversations, we were able to discover different cultures and, above all, different eating habits. says Cassandra. This affects their training. " 

Gaïa adds: “During these exchanges, the flow of words was intense, I really had the impression of being in Spain and learning from them another way of understanding my job, it was very rewarding! ". 

A shared pleasure, fruitful exchanges, a better mastery of the Spanish language and cultural enrichment, so many essential assets in the training of a good professional in the hotel and catering industry, which our school has been able to promote the acquisition, thanks to the establishment of this new partnership.

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