Marc Batard

We are pleased to present this new highlight on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Y SCHOOLS. Marc Batard is regularly dubbed the "Everest sprinter", but why? Quite simply because he was the first mountaineer to reach the summit of the highest peak in the world in less than 24 hours without oxygen. A real sporting and human feat! On September 14, 2022, at 6 p.m., it will hold a special meeting at the Campus Brossolette arena (217 avenue Pierre Brossolette, 10000 Troyes). Above all, the opportunity to commemorate his historic ascent of Everest…

Who is Marc Batard?

Marc Batard is a talented climber with superhuman physical abilities. A great precursor for some and very dangerous for others, he signed the unthinkable act in the Himalayas... Since then, this bulimic has been carrying out a lifelong project. Conferences around the world, including the creation of associations to help young people in difficult situations. In search of materials beyond me, I always push through the mountains. Now over 70 years old, Marc is taking on new challenges. The aim is to create a school for mountain professionals in Nepal. The objective is to reduce the number of accidents between professionals and customers.

The opportunity to meet Frédéric Thiriez, former President of the Professional Football League...

As we know, Frédéric Thiriez was president of the Pro Football League until 2016. He is also close to Marc Batard. Frédéric Thiriez is also the author of "Marc Batart, son of Everest". For this reason, he is hosting this extraordinary meeting. An opportunity to reflect on the steps, the achievements, the courage, the projects, the abilities of this extraordinary man, the ability to surpass himself, the opportunity to give up and continue to go ever further.

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