La vie étudiantes en école de tourisme

What can student life look like in a tourism school? Indeed, the atmosphere can change completely from one school to another, from an engineering school to a school of tourism. Each course has its own student life and we all know how important it is in this founding passage of a life. It turns out that student life in a school of tourism is very rhythmic and leaves very good memories to those who are lucky enough to experience it.

School of tourism, an omnipresent community life.

It is clear that association rhymes with school of tourism. There is something for everyone. Hard to believe when you think of a tourism school. One would imagine this to be easier in the student life of major business or management schools. But when a tourism program is intimately linked to a great school, there are some advantages. This is the CASE ofHigher School of Tourism of Troyes and Metz, of the group Y SCHOOLS. There are many associations there, and they are not there just for the party, quite the contrary. They turn out to be great training opportunities for students. Comparable to small businesses, they have projects to manage, budgets to respect, money to bring in and teams to manage. Enough to apply the concepts seen in class.

For students, these are all opportunities to put into practice their know-how (hard skills) and soft skills.

It is also an opportunity for students to take responsibility because being part of an association also means assuming responsibilities within a group, on a daily basis. Listening to others, meeting management, organizational skills, emotional intelligence, intuition... Associations play a full part in the life of tourism schools, lead and train day and night the students who have the opportunity to express themselves in all senses in the best of playgrounds

Whether in the sports, gastronomy, humanitarian, event, cultural or business field, there is necessarily an association for all students. And if you want to create your own, it's even an experience that will be even more formative!

A cultural mix on a daily basis and inter-program meetings.

Many tourism schools have a strong international orientation. This means that students go abroad for one or more semesters, but the school also welcomes students from partner universities. Thus, on campus, student life always takes place in several languages. This strong multiculturalism on a daily basis makes it possible to encourage encounters, to speak and practice different languages, and to learn from international students, while promoting their integration. An experience with high added value, especially for future globetrotters who see the world as a professional playground.

When the Institute of Tourism is part of a multidisciplinary group, tourism students rub shoulders with students from other courses, such as management or design. This cultural fusion also promotes new encounters which facilitate the implementation of transversal projects within the school. Once in business, travel professionals will need to work with financiers, marketers, designers, artists, and more. Might as well start as soon as possible!

Student life outside school

If a school is the primary provider of the student experience, the city in which it is located can also accelerate and develop initiatives. Indeed, it is the cities and city clusters that manage cultural programs, sports facilities, the attractiveness of the city center and student activities. Thus, in Troyes, more than 170 training courses (BTS, DUT, Prépa Grandes Ecoles, degrees, masters, engineering degrees, etc.) are offered in the region in various fields and themes. The city is also the 3rd student city for L'Étudiant in the ranking of medium-sized cities in France. From the typical city center with its many bars and restaurants, this attraction highlights the efforts made to make entering the city easy and pleasant for students,

passing through cultural and sporting events such as Les Clés de Troyes (student festival in September), the Nuits de Champagne music festival (October), concert halls, temporary exhibitions in the city's museums and media libraries. Thus, when you are a student in a school of tourism, you choose both the school and the place to live!

Ultimately, each student can shape their student life as they wish. The school provides tools and opens up opportunities, but it is up to everyone to seize them. The key is finding a balance between your lifestyle and what you want to do outside of school.

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